Wyle Trade Show Exhibits


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Wyle specializes in high tech services for Aerospace, Life Sciences and Information Systems. Paris Design provides design, creative consulting, and supervises installation of their Zero Truss based tradeshow displays.


Flight simulation, telemetry analysis, and monitoring systems fill eight–to–ten demo stations. 20' x 50' Exhibit is usually divided into three main sections, reception area, center demo area and bar/cafe space with steel panel walk-in closet. Components are flexible to configure for exhibit spaces from 10' x 10' up to 40' x 80'.


Typical 20' x 20' displays use four demo areas, stretch fabric overhead ring and cylindrical central storage space, and faux wood flooring.


Portable displays, banner stands, and graphics are also produced for Wyle as needed.


Wyle has contracted Paris Design to provide superior tradeshow design / management / build services for over 20 years. Their attention to detail including on-site, hands-on support has been flawless. We are continually complimented on our awesome booths – which would have never happened had Dean and his staff not been involved.  



– Katie Messer, Corporate Tradeshow Manager, Wyle



Project: Wyle Trade Show Exhibits
Role: Design / Production / Installation
Location: Las Vegas, San Diego