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Fort Ligonier Museum


Fort Ligonier Museum

Carlyle House

Nurses, Soldiers, Spies: The Civil War at Carlyle House


Since 1753, Carlyle House has served many key roles in Alexandria, VA's history. The city was torn apart by the Civil War in 1861. "Mansion House Hotel" built on the Carlyle property, and the house itself were commandeered by the Union Army for use as a hospital.

The Apothecary


The Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum represents one of Alexandria's oldest continuously run businesses. The museum holds a remarkable collection of herbal botanicals, handblown glass, and medical equipment, much still in its original location.

City of Bowie Museums

Huntington Station: Where Bowie Began


"All Aboard" for Bowie Station! After the Civil War, Governor Oden Bowie masterminded development of two major railroads from Baltimore to D.C. and Southern Maryland. Huntington City grew at Bowie Junction where the two lines met.

Eleanor Roosevelt's Val Kill

NPS: Roosevelt–Vanderbilt National Historic Sites


Eleanor Roosevelt cherished Val-Kill – it was the only place she ever called home. Here, she built Stone Cottage and Val-Kill Industries, hosted rambunctious family gatherings, and convened political and diplomatic caucuses.

Gadsby's Tavern Museum

Restoration of Historic Ice Well and Public View Site


Built in 1792, Gadsby's Tavern served the most fashionable iced refreshments to George Washington, and Alexandria's residents. Along with year-round cool-drinks, popular ice cream flavors included vanilla, oyster and parmesan. The tavern's ice well made it possible in the 18th century.

Fort Ligonier

The World Ablaze: An Introduction to the Seven Years' War


The World Ablaze is an inspiring addition to the permanent collections of Fort Ligonier. Over 200 impressive artifacts from royal crowns to canonballs of the 18th century were acquired across the world – reflecting the global and diverse aspects of the Seven Years’ War.

Hampton Roads Navel Museum

US Navy During the Cold War


Hampton Roads Naval Museum at the Nauticus Complex in Norfolk, VA is operated by the US Navy. The exhibits provide an overview of Naval History and augment visitor experience when touring the USS Wisconsin, also docked at the museum.

Laurel Historical Society

Shake Rattle & Roll: Laurel, Maryland in the 50's


What happened in Laurel, MD during the 1950's?

Limerick Nuclear Power Plant Visitor Center


Overlooking the twin cooling towers standing in the Pennsylvania Countryside, the visitor center is used for employee training and community outreach.