3D brand strategies, project management.


3D brand strategies incorporate visual impressions, built environments, and event marketing. Your message is too important to arbitrarily slap your logo on a stock photo and call it an effective communication.


Paris Design has decades of experience successfully creating strategic solutions for corporate, government and institutional organizations. Our content development, exhibit programming and project management services help you define and effectively display your vision.


We help tell your story, promote corporate image, create logos, displays and develop exhibits that engage and resonate with your audience across platforms.



Accokeek Foundation

Piscataway Park


The Accokeek Foundation cultivates passion for the natural and cultural heritage of Piscataway Park and a commitment to stewardship and sustainability.

City of Alexandria

Archaeology Museum Master Plan


Alexandria Archaeology Museum visitors learn how the City's archaeologists, volunteers and students work with residents and developers to study and manage archaeological resources important to the community's past.


Dewberry Corporate Displays


"Dewberry at Work" — is a set of guiding principles and values governing the conduct of this engineering services firm, for more than 50 years.

Martin Luther King Library

Popular Library


At the Martin Luther King Library in DC, Bell Architects redesigned the 11,000 sqft Popular Library into an inviting space that respects the design intent of the building's original architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

National Arboretum

Power Plants: Farming Energy


The USDA "Power Plants: Farming Energy" exhibit developed for the National Arboretum showcases living plants with the potential for bioenergy crops. As visitors stroll through the one-acre Power Plants Garden, outdoor interpretive signage explains how each plant can be converted to biofuel.

Friends of Quiet Waters Park

The Nature Center at Quiet Waters Park


The Nature Center at Quiet Waters Park interprets diverse ecosystems, flora, fauna and human impact on the landscape of this suburban park in Annapolis, MD.

Office of Historic Alexandria

Alexandria Museum Carts


Docent Carts developed for the Office of Historic Alexandria help drive tourists to the city's boutique museums

National Park Service: Cuyahoga Valley

Cuyahoga Valley National Park: Identity & Partnerships Wayfinding Signage


The Cuyahoga River is widely known as "the river that caught fire" – an event that helped spark the environmental movement in 20th Century America. But there's much more to Cuyahoga's story.

Danville Museum of Fine Art and History

Divided Lines: The National Flags of the Confederacy


Whether revered as an icon of Southern heritage, or reviled as a symbol of enduring racism, Confederate flags remain a divisive issue. This exhibit educates the public about the original symbology (Vexillology) of the various Confederate flags as they were designed, and new meanings that popular culture attributes to them.

International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Recycling Strategy & World Environment Day


The International Monetary Fund is proud of their sustainable operations, achieving LEED Gold Certification for their Headquarters 1 and 2 buildings in Washington DC. Paris Design helped the IMF develop and implement their recycling program with strategic placement of graphics teaching staff what and where to recycle.