Puerto Rico Office of Historic Preservation

Museo Barrio Ballajá


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Master plan and concept design developed for the Museo Barrio Ballajá in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. The museum interprets the history, culture and major redevelopment over decades to restore this Spanish Colonial neighborhood and it's institutional architecture. 


Working closely with the Puerto Rico Office of Historic Preservation, the design team led by Dean Paris, developed the programming, story line, visitor flow and modular exhibit components. The entire exhibit floats in the period-restored space on a steel-grate floor. The floor helped protect frescos, and original architecture, and allowed electric, lighting, and exhibitry to install without touching the walls of the building.  


Artifacts from archeological studies were used to construct "personalities". Composite individual audio programs supplemented the artifacts on display and interpreted daily life of colonial residents such as butcher, tailor, potter etc.  The database of artifacts found in Ballaja' neighborhood was made into a searchable on-line interactive display for visitors and research purposes.








Client: Puerto Rico Office of Historic Preservation
Project: Museo Barrio Ballajá
Role: Master Plan / Concept Design
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico