3D brand strategies, project management.


3D brand strategies incorporate visual impressions, built environments, and event marketing. Your message is too important to arbitrarily slap your logo on a stock photo and call it an effective communication.


Paris Design has decades of experience successfully creating strategic solutions for corporate, government and institutional organizations. Our content development, exhibit programming and project management services help you define and effectively display your vision.


We help tell your story, promote corporate image, create logos, displays and develop exhibits that engage and resonate with your audience across platforms.



Univ. of Maryland: Sustainability Office

Smart and Sustainable Campuses Conference


University of Maryland's Smart and Sustainable Campuses Conference utilizes eco-friendly biodgradable and recyclable substrates from Ecorite Imaging for wayfinding, and informational signage at this yearly event.

Bamoun Collection

3D Branding Identity & Museum Signage


Developed logo, stationery, and signage fo this Private collection of Bamoun Art

University of the District of Columbia


The exhibit shows the vibrant history of UDC from it roots in the 1851 Myrtilla Miner's School for Colored Girls, and the Normal School, first to offer 4-year degrees as a teachers college.UDC as we know it today was formed by merging of several Washington, DC colleges.

Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens


Working closely with Friends of the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens and the National Park Service, Paris Design revitalized wayside displays throughout the park.