Living in the Everglades


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Did you know the Florida's Everglades is one of only 20 World Heritage sites in the USA? Half of the original Everglades have been drained. Water to the remaining National Park sector is harnessed through canals and floodgates.


The Timing, Quantity and Quality of the water in the Everglades is what makes living in the Everglades possible for all it's aquatic and terrestrial inhabitants, including people.


The MODS Living in the Everglades exhibit helps educate the public about restoration efforts for the Greater Everglades Ecosystem. It is a completely modular structure that can travel or easily be reproduced for permanent installations.


Paris Design also developed the outdoor interpretive displays for the museums Eco-Scapes Garden. Planted in the "backyard" of the museum are the five main environments native to South Florida and the Everglades.




Project: Living in the Everglades