Fort Ligonier

The World Ablaze: An Introduction to the Seven Years' War


  • FTLIG 1P : Fort Ligonier Exterior Stockade

    Fort Ligonier Exterior Stockade

  • FTLIG 2NAm :
  • FTLIG 3Prussia :
  • FTLIG 4France :
  • FTLIG 5India :
  • FTLIG 6Flags :
  • FTLIG 7Walls :
  • FTLIG 8Maritime :

The World Ablaze is an inspiring addition to the permanent collections of Fort Ligonier. Over 200 impressive artifacts from royal crowns to canonballs of the 18th century were acquired across the world – reflecting the global and diverse aspects of the Seven Years’ War.


The collection encompasses an incredible amount of content with hundreds of individual graphic elements interpreting the complex history of world-wide colonial conflicts in the 18th Century.  


The exhibition is divided into several theaters of war: North America, Maritime, Central Europe, Western Europe, India, Western Africa and Spain. It concludes with the various Peace Treaties of 1762-1763, and the legacies of the Seven Years’ War in North America and around the world.


Paris Design worked closely with Fort Ligonier to establish several tiers of graphic elements that define exhibit areas and enhance the visitor experience by visually organizing the content.


Each exhibit area includes a distinct color code, entry kiosk with time-line, iconic battle-zone banner, and shield flags for each opponent engaged. Murals, quotes, portaits, case and wall graphics weave together the artifacts into an amazingly rich and comprehnsive view of the Seven Year's War and it's legacies.



Client: Fort Ligonier
Project: The World Ablaze: An Introduction to the Seven Years' War